Accounting and Assurance

Financial Statement Audit, Review & Compilation

At Berg Lehmann we pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost effective and timely accounting and assurance services. We understand that financial statements vary in scope and cost, depending on the needs of their users.

Assurance levels include:

  • Audit, where a detailed examination is made with the objective being to express an opinion that the statements fairly present the organization's financial position and operating results;
  • Review, where enquiry and analytical procedures provide reasonable assurance that nothing has come to our attention to indicate the statements are not in accordance with the appropriate accounting principles; and
  • Notice to Reader, where no assurance is given, as tax compliance is generally the main focus of these financial statements.

Bookkeeping Assistance and Consultation

We can help with setup and trouble-shooting of your bookkeeping software. We specialize in Quickbooks and Simply Accounting.

Public Sector Audits

The experienced staff at Berg Lehmann handle many municipal audits in the Kootenay region.

Not-for-Profit Organization Audits

Societies with significant government funding often are required to submit audited financial statements to funders. We can assist in preparing these audited financial statements. We have a number of not-for-profit organizations as clients, including social welfare providers, housing societies, arts groups, and many others.

Trust Audits

Berg Lehmann is experienced in the performance of both legal and real estate trust audits.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Berg Lehmann can help, right from initial incorporation through retirement, to ensure your corporation is structured appropriately so as to minimize tax, and maximize after-tax profits in your hands. We will advise on the use of trusts, holding companies, partnerships, joint ventures and other structures where appropriate.

Year-end Corporate Tax Preparation

Preparation and filing of corporate tax returns is an integral part of all corporate year-end engagements. We strive to ensure your tax returns are filed on time, and with every available tax advantage to you.

Personal Tax Return Preparation and Planning

The experienced tax preparers at Berg Lehmann can assist you with your personal tax returns, from the simplest to the most complex. If you have an unincorporated business, rental properties, investments, pensions, royalties, trusts, or any other type of income or expense, we are there to help.

Estate Planning and Estate Tax Preparation

At Berg Lehmann we understand that you have worked hard to accumulate whatever wealth you have, and you want to ensure it is used in accordance with your wishes. We can assist in planning the distribution of your estate to preserve maximum wealth and financial security for your beneficiaries.

GST and Provincial Tax

Commodity tax legislation is complex and often non-intuitive. We can help you to interpret the legislation to ensure you collect, pay, and remit the appropriate amount of tax, and remain in compliance with the law.

CRA Audit Assistance

Going through a Canada Revenue Agency audit can be stressful. We can help by communicating with CRA on your behalf, and ensuring that you are well prepared to provide all necessary information. We can assist you in any settlement negotiations, should that prove necessary.

Non-Resident Compliance

Non-residents must comply with stringent tax withholding and filing requirements on the rental and sale of Canadian real estate. In addition, Canadian residents have withholding tax requirements on interest, dividends or fees paid to non-residents. At Berg Lehmann we are experienced at preparing and filing the appropriate documents, within the very tight deadlines mandated by CRA.

Management Advisory Services

Purchase and Sale of Businesses

Whether you are contemplating the purchase of a new business or the sale of your existing business, at Berg Lehmann we can provide guidance and analysis to help you with the major decisions, such as price, financing, and sale structure.

Analysis for Business Decision Making

When faced with significant business decisions, such as major asset purchases, expansion, refinancing, and lease-buy decisions, business owners need someone to talk to who understands the related tax and financial complexities, and can help guide their thinking. This sort of consulting is a major part of our practice.

Assistance with Business Succession Planning

Berg Lehmann has been in business since 1950. Since that time we have guided many business owners through the journey from start-up to retirement. We can help to structure an exit strategy for a business owner to transition into retirement, whether through an arms-length sale, family succession, employee buyout, or simply an orderly windup of their business.

Bankruptcy and Debt Proposal Appointments

Free Initial Consultations

Phone our office at 250.352.3165 for a free initial consultation on Proposal or Bankruptcy solutions for your debt.

Qualified Trustees attend at our office in Nelson on a regular basis and we can arrange for you to meet with them here to discuss your options.